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What is Trex Composite Deck Materials?

If you're handy around a house, then you've more than likely made or have ideas to start plans on making a deck. Whether it be for your own home or a project for a friend, or even client in some cases, it's best to know the best type of material to work with. This is where we introduce Trex, and no, it's not a giant grumpy prehistoric dinosaur-like we're used to with that name! Trex is a company that specializes in composite deck materials that are much better for deck building projects, and here you'll find out why!

Choosing Trex composite decking materials for your next project is going to save you a lot of hassle in a few different departments. Let's start with what these specific materials are made of. Classic plastic/PVC decking is "lumber" made from 100% plastic, whereas the Trex composite decking is a mix of actual wood lumber and plastic film. The type of plastics used in the Trex materials are typically either polypropylene or polyethylene, both of which pair well with the wood fibers and provide a much stronger, more resilient, and much more stable composite deck lumber than a 100% plastic/PVC version.

If you're building a deck, it's going to get a lot of time in the sun as well as any other harsh weather conditions that Mother Nature can come up with. You want to make sure that your deck materials aren't going to be ruined due to an extra cold winter or a blazing hot summer. With Trex, the materials don't absorb as much heat as pure wood or pure plastic decking would. This means that you don't have to worry about guests possibly burning themselves if they come in contact with the material (think walking outside barefoot). Trex also comes in clutch when it comes to winter; the composite materials do not splinter or crack under freezing temperatures or get as slippery as wood or plastic decks due to the sleet and ice.

Once your deck project is completed, one of the first things you'll likely want to do is have people over, and there will be plenty of foot traffic on the newly finished deck. Then a year later, you can do the same thing, and same for the next year, and the next, and the....well, you get it. The point here is that there doesn't need to be a worry of your Trex deck fading, scratching, or looking worn because these composite materials stand up to the test! Little scratches may appear here and there, but Trex infuses its products with a stain and fade-resistant color throughout the entire board. Any small scratches will be minimized thanks immediately to the color on the boards.

The life expectancy of a deck is vaguely 25-30 years, depending on geographics and materials used. If you're not sure about using Trex for your next big project yet, let it be known that Trex offers a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty no matter where you live. That added extra security should be enough to make sure your next project is a Trex project!


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