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Types of Door Locks

Home protection starts at the front door and regardless of what kind of security camera system you have out front, a good lock is what stops any intruder or unwanted guest from just waltzing on in. There are quite a few different choices to find the right type of security for your front, back, and even interior doors. Here you will find a short list of some of the tried and real examples of locks and some you may not know about! 

  • Deadbolts are usually the first lock that comes to mind when looking to secure a main entrance/exit. The single cylinder kind is the most popular model in American households. The one big Achilles heel of the deadbolt is its thumb turn to open the lock quickly, this can be an issue if the lock is located near a window and can be easily broken and reach into. Typically deadbolts are paired with another type of locking system. This is a brilliant tip to keep the entry to your home that much safer. 
  • Knob locks are the smaller cylinder locking system that is usually paired with a deadbolt lock. These locks should never be used as the primary lock for an entry door because they can break under enough force (i.e., smashed with a hammer). 
  • Padlocks are generally not something you would find on an entry door considering that are used more for storage items like large chests, boxes, or even storage rooms. These looks are not attached to the door itself and can be moved from item to item, depending on what it's needed for at that moment. These come in an option of combination or key lock. When purchasing a padlock, make sure the lock has a shrouded shackle. This makes the lock less impervious to bolt cutters and adds extra security. 
  • Lever handle locks are usually found in office buildings or other public places. These locks have unique handles that make it easier for handicapable persons to use. They are susceptible to what's called a "torque attack," which means they could be potentially broken due to excessive pressure. That is why some of these handle locks are equipped with "clutch" levers. This means that if an attempted torque attack is inflicted, the handle lock will turn rather than apply pressure to the lock. 

It's essential to keep your home secured regardless if you're inside or out and about. Having the proper locks can save you a lot of hassle and regret in the long run. If you're not sure about a singular lock on your main entry doors, double up. Buy time to prepare yourself in case of a vulnerable spot in your locking system with multiple locks. Your safety is the essential thing in your home; make sure to stay on top of it!

SOURCES: Security Snobs

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