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Custom Wood Doors vs Standard Doors.

The first impression your house makes is when visiting company is standing right outside your front door. So it makes sense that the style door you choose makes a big difference in what you want to say about your home. It can give your guests that first impression of your home's personality and quite literally draw them in to see what's beyond that impressive front door.

A custom wood door blows those standard off-the-shelf doors right off their necessary hinges. There is a bevy of materials to choose from when it comes to a classic or modern custom wood door. We will go over the top choices here to help those debating on an impressive new front door or inspire a change in what you may already have!

Alder Doors
This style of wood door is perfect for those with a smaller budget. A proper finish on alder wood can easily mock that of a higher quality and much more expensive wood. This type of wood also works better with custom designs and custom ironwork. A natural finish is not recommended for these wood doors because they tend to become sunbleached. It's best to stain or glaze them, as well as add distressing to the door to combat accidental denting because of it's softer quality.

Black Walnut Doors
This wood style is one of the most sought after types, dripping in a rich elegance that has moderate pricing. The finish on the black walnut wood adds to the stunning quality of the material and keeps it from sun bleaching. It's a bit more expensive than the alder wood but not as easy to dent.

Cherry Wood Doors
This type of wood is sometimes too pretty to stain, as it develops a natural and lovely dark patina over time. It's a bit more of an expensive choice, but it pays off in the durability and customization factor. It stains smoothly and with little effort if you so choose to do so.

Mahogany Doors
This is probably the most popular choice based on its reliability. It's rare to find any defects in mahogany, and like cherry wood, the color can change as it gets naturally darker over time. Some people are turned off by the dark shades of mahogany and want a bright first impression into their homes, but mahogany holds a dark and robust character and brings a commanding presence to any home.

Don't think your custom wood door options start and stop at the front door! A beautifully done custom back door, or interior doors, can be done as well. It can tie the entire house together and bring that good first impression into any room your guests enter.

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