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Common Interior Door Types and What They Say About Your Style

What can you say about a door? Well, quite a lot! Doors serve one primary function, as we all know, but they can also be super stylish. A Door is a focal point of a room (or house) and can make or break the whole look. So here's a few common interior door types and how they are best used in your home.

Hinged Single Door

The most common type of interior door. Hinged doors require enough space in a room to open and close fully. Interior hinged doors typically have two hinges (exterior doors have three).

Panel Door

A very classical style of interior door. The door usually consists of three vertical stiles as well as three or four horizontal rails. The spaces in between the stiles and rails are typically filled with a thinner panel, resulting in a richly textured look that fits well in both traditional and modern architecture.

Pocket Doors

These types of doors are making a comeback in popularity. They are a great space-saving design that features the doors sliding into the interior spaces between walls. The doors can come as both single and double versions.

French Doors

These charming doors are typically seen on wider door openings. The doors are almost always in traditional type design, often with glass panels. They are frequently used as exterior patio doors but are usually found in home interiors, creating a stunning transition between rooms.

Flush Door

This is usually a simple flat slab of material. It is typically the least expensive option when it comes to interior doors. The surface generally is a hardwood veneer, and then can be stained or painted. Flush doors look good in modern style architecture but probably would look entirely out of place in an older, more traditional home. Interior flush doors usually have a hollow core making them lightweight.

BiFold Doors

These doors are common on closets. The benefit of bi-fold swing doors is the room required for opening them is half of what a traditional hinged door would take. The bifold doors can be flush, paneled, or louvered, so they can be customized to look good in just about a home pace.

If you’re looking to freshen up your interior space, get in touch with Lake Door and Trim for help with all your door needs!

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