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Common Door Locks to Keep Your Home Secure

Feeling secure in your own home is essential for peace of mind in everyday life. When you lay your head down at night, you shouldn’t have to worry if your door locks can keep out an intruder. Technology has improved every aspect of our lives, even on our front doors. 

Here are a few door locks to keep your home secure while providing peace of mind:

  • Kwikset 991 Juno Entry knob - This traditional looking doorknob and deadbolt set has all the features of trusted locks of the past and then some. This no-nonsense locking system has the highest grade residential locking system while also being easy to install and simple to rekey for convenience. This set features extra-long and extremely sturdy kickplate screws, preventing anyone from kicking in the door. The keys art system allows homeowners or landlords to change the locks if needed quickly. 
  • Kwikset Powerbolt 2 Keyless Entry Deadbolt - If you are looking for a reliable lock that is a little more high tech, this system is the way to go. No need to dig for your house key with the convince of the numeric keypad to unlock your front door and keep your home secure. Locking your door is a breeze with the one-button locking feature. This lock is perfect for homeowners who want more technology in their locks but not be a slave to wi-fi, as it is powered by two double-A batteries, that can be easily changed. 
  • Schlage Connect Touchscreen Door Lock - For more high tech and connected homeowners, this keyless touch screen lock has all the bells and whistles of 21st-century technology. The lock connects to Alexa for secure locking and tracking. Using the Z-wave technology, it connects to popular smart home systems such as Wink and SmartThings. Unlock your door remotely for pet sitters and guest, while keeping track of every time the door was unlocked. 

There are many locking systems for every homeowner. Whether you want the age-old classic system with added security features or a lock you can unlock with your phone Lake Door and Trim can install it for you. Contact our office today to find what lock is right for your home.

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