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3 Awesome Front Door Technologies

Having a 'smart home' starts at the front door. When guests come over, a first impression is made before they even step foot in your home and that typically happens when they're face to face with your home's front door. New technologies for the home are advancing every day for every room, so why not bring your front door into the 21st century with some impressive technological advances in home comfort and security. Here we will show you 3 of the best new front door technologies for your home!

  1. Doorbell Cameras. This is probably the most common new advancement in in-home technology and home security. These tiny cameras are built into the doorbell system in front of your home. This allows the homeowner to have a better idea who's at their door before they even get to it. It also adds extra security in case someone comes to your home when you're not there or during late hours when you may be asleep. These camera systems typically come with apps that can be set up on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, smartwatches, etc.) so you can keep an eye on your front door at any time as well as get alerts with photo/video. This helps significantly with home deliveries if you're an avid online shopper!
  2. Ring/Amazon Key. This new technology is a bit controversial, but ultimately it will give peace of mind to those who heavily rely on online shopping and worry about their items being stolen. Ring is described as "Wi-Fi enabled doorbells" which were just purchased by corporate giant Amazon. Their plans for this is to roll out a smart lock and camera system that allows delivery drivers for Amazon to open your front door to place the package inside and locking the door behind them after the delivery is completed. It's not an available service as of yet, but it's being worked out and tested to make sure the safest and best version of it is open to the public.
  3. Smart Locks. This one ties in with the other two on the list but provides an incredible amount of security for your home. Have trouble finding your keys? Do you lock yourself out more than you want to admit? Are you smartphone savvy? With some of the new smart locks out there, you may never need to search for your keys ever again. There are smart locks available that can be operated by your Amazon Alexa Key (which can be voice-activated, so all you need to worry about it neighbors hearing you talk to an AI at your front door). There are even ones that have a code that you need to have memorized or tucked in a safe spot (But not anywhere near your front door! Keep a copy in your car or on your person when you leave your home). These smart locks also can hold many functioning PIN codes that you can give to specific guests and family members alike, letting you control who has access to your home at any given time.

Your home's front door isn't just for knocking anymore! Add some futuristic flair to your home with these front door technologies and keep your home safe, secure, and up to date!


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